Wonderworks Pigeon Forge, TN - What To Expect & Best Place To Get Tickets

Updated: Aug 19

Wonderworks is a combination of science fair, amusement park and children's museum all rolled into one big experience. WonderWorks is located inside a humongous upside-down building in Pigeon Forge TN and is one of the most popular attractions in the area. The admission price includes access to over 150 activities ranging from roller coaster simulators-to black light ropes courses! Depending on crowds estimated at around 150 activities ranging from science projects to games...the time frame for a visit would be between 2+ hrs.

The photo gallery below provides but a small glimpse into WonderWorks:

Pro Tips For Your Visit:

  • Lunch: There is limited food options within WonderWorks, and it's a bit pricy. Your tickets include all day admission, so you and your group can leave to take a lunch break at one of the many nearby restaurants, and then come back into Wonderworks to enjoy additional activities.

  • Tickets: This is one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance so that you can skip the line at the door, and maximize your time. You can purchase tickets here: Skip The Line - WonderWorks Ticket Purchases. If you are planning on visiting multiple attractions while you are in Pigeon Forge, then you may want to consider bundling your ticket purchases when possible in order to save through discounted bundle rates. For example: you can puchase a "Pigeon Forge Attraction Pass" that will get you access to WonderWorks, The Titantic Museum Attraction, and the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster.

  • Shoes: Leave your flipflops and sandals at home. Many of the activities require closed toed shoes.

  • Restrictions: Check the size restrictions at the bottom of this article to ensure your group can do the things they are hoping to do before booking your tickets.


WonderWorks' attractions are designed to make you feel like your entire world has been turned upside down. From the Inversion Tunnel, which will have you craving for more as it gives off an impressive circular motion while switching between colors and patterns; Xtreme 360 –a pedal powered carnival ride where pedal speed determines how fast one rpm’s worth of upside down revolution happens; Hurricane Simulator room creates wind speeds of up to 65 MPH. You won't get wet, but this relatively low speed wind tunnel provides some interesting sensations nonetheless!

Bed of Nails

What better way to spend your time in the smokies than on a bed made out of 3,497 nails? This experience won't hurt a bit, but it's a crazy concept to think about, and will give your kids a fun story to tell their friends!

Rock Climbing Wall

The rock climbing wall is a great way to get your blood pumping and have some friendly competition with friends or family. You'll be securely harnessed as you climb the beginner level rock wall, and there is plenty of room near by for spectators who wish to photograph friends or family who are racing their way to the top.

WonderWorks Virtual Roller Coaster

Wonder Coaster is a virtual roller coaster that will have you feeling adventurous excitement as it takes turns rotating and winding its way through seemingly endless loops. The full 360 degrees of pitch, roll & bank make this ride extra exciting!

WonderWorks Black Light Indoor Ropes Course

The indoor ropes course is over 50 feet tall! As you climb 4 stories of rope, cross tremors bridges and swing beams and over or around 50 obstacles in this adrenaline ensured adventure. The black lights make various aspects of the course glow brightly and further tricks your mind in this seemingly alter-universe high climbing experience. You will be safely roped in on your entire climb.

Quake Cafe: Earth Quake Simulator

The WonderWorks Earth Quake Simulator is simple small room designed to be like the booth of a restaurant. You simply sit down and experience the simulation of being in an earth quake.


In summary: This is but a sample of the 150 activities that WonderWorks has to offer. WonderWorks is an immersive experience for the whole family. The hands-on exhibits and attractions are definitely worth visiting, with one of their best values in Smoky Mountains! There is so much to do in this 55,000 sq ft interactive wonder land at a price that makes it easy on your wallet.


Keep in mind that there are some restrictions for minimum height for some of the activities. In addition, some weight restrictions for the Rock Climbing wall, and multiple activities require closed toed shoes (leave your flip flops at home).

Below are the restrictions currently in place by WonderWorks:

  • Wonder Coaster: Rider Height Must Be At Least 4’0″ (48″) to Ride Alone or 3’6″ (42″) to Ride With An Adult. Combined Rider Weight Cannot Exceed 500 lbs. No injuries permitted.

  • Ropes Course: Climber Height Must Be At Least 4’0″ (48″) to Climb Alone or 3’6″ (42″) to Climb With An Adult. Climber Cannot Be Taller Than 6’8″ (80″). Climber Cannot Weigh More Than 300 lbs. Closed-Toed Shoes Required. No Skirts or Dresses. No Injuries Permitted.

  • Astronaut Training Gyro: Rider Must Be At Least 4’6″ (54″). Rider Cannot Be Taller Than 6’2″ (74″). Rider Cannot Weigh More Than 225 lbs. Long Hair Must Be Tied Up. No Injuries Permitted.

  • Extreme Bikes 360: Rider Height Must Be At Least 4’4″ (52″). Rider Cannot Weigh More Than 250 lbs. Closed-Toed Shoes Required. No Skirts or Dresses. No Injuries Permitted.

  • Rock Wall: Climber Weight Must Be At Least 40 lbs. Climber Cannot Weigh More Than 250 lbs. No Skirts or Dresses. No Injuries Permitted.

  • 4D XD Theater: Rider Height Must Be At Least 3’4″ (40″). No Injuries Permitted.

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